POST-HASTE PLAYERS - Romeo & Juliet Improvised

POST-HASTE PLAYERS - Romeo & Juliet Improvised

SAT 13 MAY @ 5:45PM
SUN 14 MAY @ 4:45PM

Full - $20
Concession - $15
(02) 9550 3666
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

That’s right, Shakespeare’s classic story, It’s romantic, dramatic, and a bit gory. Each night it’ll be remade anew, With just a little help from you.

Two houses divided, Two lovers despised. How does it end? We know not…‘tis improvised!

Each night, the Post Haste Players will improvise the story of Romeo & Juliet, with a twist…

There’ll be a balcony scene, there’ll be deaths a plenty but, beyond that, who knows?

Not us, as we’ll be asking you for the odd word here and there, to help us retell the classic story of two star-crossed lovers. Both from warring families, sworn to hatred against each other, those crazy kids defy the odds to find romance – and comedy – amongst the bloodshed