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WED 16 APR @ 8PM

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Over the years, Banhart’s style of music has been extensively debated as critics struggled to define his avant-garde style as an artist and individual. However, whether Banhart’s music is classified as avant-folk or part of the ‘new weird America’ movement, there is no doubt that Banhart’s vision and eclectic style has captured music lovers all over the world since his 2002 debut LP Oh Me Oh My.

Born in Texas and raised in Venezuela, Banhart’s songs know no boundaries as they explore and question various aspects of humanity in dark and disturbing ways, which often manages to carry romantic tendencies at the same time. Banhart’s song writing is almost a glimpse into his thoughts as they are short, minimalistic in production, combined with vague and non-literal lyrics that represent his stream-of-consciousness in a surreal way to keep you completely engaged and fascinated.

Earlier this year, Banhart released his eighth studio album Mala (out now through Warner Music) – three and a half years after his last release.

From the man who brought us ‘Lover’ and ‘I Feel Just Like a Child’, comes Banhart’s newest experiment, which he produced with Noah Georgeson in Los Angeles, playing the instruments themselves, using borrowed equipment and a second-hand recorder.

Banhart also released a video for ‘Für Hildegard von Bingen’ off Mala. The song pays tribute to the German-born 12th century saint of the same name, a composer and inventor of new languages, who used her spiritual powers and messages to broadcast ideas that were beyond her time and congregation. Banhart took this, combined the suppressive societal issues of the past and present and created a song and video clip which is nothing short of thought provoking.

‘[Mala] is yet another stylistic curveball, favoring low-key arrangements with subtle flourishes of Tropicalia, and disco even. It’s also his best album in nearly a decade’ – Under The Radar 8/10

‘Mala is Banhart’s best record in nearly a decade — largely because it’s his loosest and funniest’ – Pitchfork 7.6

‘One never knows what to expect when Banhart gets in front of a crowd. He’s a natural showman with a characteristic rockstar magnetism’ – Consequence of Sound

‘Devendra Banhart has been around for a while now, but he’s still one of the most enigmatic and interesting musicians operating in the industry today with a beautifully bizarre charm’ – No Ripcord 7/10

Just like the nature of his songs, Banhart is sure to bring a show that is unpredictable and hypnotic, so make sure you don’t miss out!