SHORT+SWEET - Gala Finals

SHORT+SWEET - Gala Finals

19 & 20 March @ 7:30PM

(02) 9550 3666
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On sale now @ The Factory Theatre

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The cream has risen to the top and now it’s time for the best of the fest

After ten weeks of heats and preliminary finals, the 13 best short plays – from more than 140 performed at two venues since January – will now face off on Thurs 19 and Fri 20 March at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville.


Tagged by Russell Bell explores the way no secrets are safe from social media! Steven Tait directs Jack Douglas, Ally O’Brien and Mark Longhurst in this modern day morality tale… with a LOL!

Scratch, written and directed by Tom Green, is a black comedy about the bleak future of contemporary cinema. James Shepherd, Jed Clarke, Richie P. and Shaun A. Robinson star.

In Transactions, by Scott McAteer and directed by Ingrid Ganley, a lonely man visits prostitute. Tonight he can only afford 10 minutes, and it’s not going as planned. This Hobart production stars Ivano Del Pio & Karissa Lane.

Speaking Freely by Jack Kelly sees a blind date couple’s subconscious selves add to the conversation. “Been on the worst date ever? Think again!” Director is Serhat Caradee – AFI nominated director/writer of “Cedar Boys”; Sebastian Angborn, Amanda Collins, Krystle Hill and Hunter McMahon star.

Manstruating by Adam Szudrich is about the merry dance of relationships – and the need to think outside the box when your feelings are on the line. Grant Wilson directs Emma Playfair and David Owens.

The Bridge is Canadian Jessica E Anderson’s quirky piece about the meeting of a carefully prepared would-be suicide Penny (Katharine Babatzanis) and Roger (Peter Condon) a fellow fan of Coleridge who always travels with a snack. Sharlene Zeederberg directs.

Screamers written collaboratively and performed by Gavin Vance and his cast, is a camp satirical cabaret – with plenty of heart – in which Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Aunty Entity (Tina Turner’s character from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome) gatecrash Parliamentary Question Time. Co-directed by Anni Davey and also starring Joseph Chetty and Jackie Vance.

Wish by Sydney’s 17 year old Bokkie Robertson is directed by Rebecca Wright with Christian Heath and Ally Morgan. A terminally ill teenager meets her movie star hero…

In Shane Murphy’s Pee Buddies a desperate man enlists a co-worker to help overcome his embarrassing fear. Jon Emmett directs Reece Lyndon, Scott Dias and himself.

Camilla Maxwell’s Shirley vs the Squirrels presents a dirty battle to protect a prize-winning garden. Kel Vance directs Debby Tilley, Margareta Moir and George Trippis.

Unforgettable is a bold, funny and moving look at dementia and the lives of two 80-something pensioners with many a song to sing a story to tell. Written, directed by and starring Stephanie Priest and Drew Holmes, with co-direction by Chloe Perrett.

In Truth or Dare by Brian Haydon and directed by Bendeguz Devenyi-Botos and Rhys Cohen, three friends play what starts as an innocent game on a rainy day…

Chance You Can Dance is self-devised by Jo Ford and her cast: outrageously camp characters (played by Hilary Park and Drew Holmes) deliver irresistible laughs with references to familiar cultural archetypes.