WED 13 APR @ 7PM

$35 + booking fee
(02) 9550 3666
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In a unique collaboration – Sufi Soul Sangeet & the Kirtaniyas unite to offer a magical performance of Eastern devotional music

They have toured together internationally, as well as at bhakti gatherings on the West coast of USA. Combining Indian vocals, harmonium, classical violin, tabla, mrdanga drums and hand cymbals – the effect is wildly enchanting! An ecstatic marriage between Sufi and Vaishnav devotional music!

Hosted by One Space, who are renowned for their unique festival feel experience, will again bring together great people, great food, great music and a great vibe!

An event that will move you into the heart of Sufi music and deliver a transformational experience not to be missed!

Sufi Soul Sangeet

Sufi music is inspired by the poetic works of mystics such as Bulleh Shah, Amir Khusurow and Rumi; expressing a deep longing for divine union. Sufi Soul Sangeet bring to life the devotional music of India and Pakistan, skillfully weaving together sophisticated melodies and rhythmic tabla beats with a rare emotion & passion. Vocalist & harmonium player Tahir Qawwal has learnt from some of the greatest artists in Qawwali and Indian classical music, he leads this group of talented accompanists to perform a range of traditional devotional styles. Sufi Soul Sangeet inspires audiences to remember the depth of tradition and the art of expression at the heart of Sufi music.


California based Kirtaniyas are a collective of energetic, multitalented & multi-instrumental kirtan artists. Having grow up immersed in Vedic culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotional music in ashrams and temples in India, Europe & America – the Kirtaniyas infuse the ancient art of ‘Kirtan’ with youthful spirit and high energy. Leader Vijay Krsna has immersed himself in this devotional Indian Folk music in Vrindavan, India and inspires ecstatic involvement from audiences- where everybody becomes united in one voice. They have collaborated with artists such as Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Cheb I Sabbah & DJ Drez.