BART FREEBAIRN - Unlimited Comedy Battle Spirit

BART FREEBAIRN - Unlimited Comedy Battle Spirit

WED 27 - SAT 30 APR @ 8:15PM

$21.50 - $22.50
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - General Admission Seating
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

Bart Freebairn is a really great comedian who, over the years he has been at it, has built up a large body of truly great jokes. How many jokes you ask? How about UNLIMITED JOKES! That’s right. This guy has no limit on the amount of awesome sweet wild jokes he can tell. Come to his one hour comedy show and watch him tell infinity jokes and feel the true comedy battle spirit! This will be the best comedy show you have ever seen!

Bart Freebairn is a great working comedian who travels the Australian Comedy circuit making the funny as well as selling out the festivals! He is a regular on TripleJ and a number of Australia’s leading comedy podcasts as well as having his own wonderful podcast Something for the Drive Home with Nick Cody. Get out and have a great laugh! Come and see him tear it up!

‘a joy to watch. * * * *’ The Age

‘turns ordinary tales into wonderful adventures. * * * *’ Adelaide Advertiser