REECE PIPER - The Centre of the Universe

REECE PIPER - The Centre of the Universe

WED 11 & FRI 13 MAY @ 9:30PM,
SUN 15 MAY @ 8:30PM

$17.95 + booking fee
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - General Admission Seating
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

Reece spent far too long worrying about what people thought of him.

“So, stop caring.”

“It’s not that easy, Narrative Plot Device.”

Sometimes you shouldn’t care, but other times it’s probably better if you did. But where is that line? Does it even exist? What are we even doing here, maaan?

Self-conscious, self-obsessed and self-aware, Reece Piper (co-runner of Comedy at Papa Gede’s) takes an honest and vulnerable look at how his brain and body function in an effort to understand humans better through our differing perceptions of experience in life. He also talks about things like fast food, being poor and ordering coffee so you know he’s down to Earth.

“You’re caring again.”

“Shut up, Narrative Plot Device.”

See you at the show!