JARED JEKYLL - Sodium Valpro 808

JARED JEKYLL - Sodium Valpro 808

SAT 14 & SUN 15 MAY

Full: $24, Conc & Groups 6+: $19
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Unreserved Seating
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

Sodium Val Pro 808, Aka Thems the Break[down]s What Jared Jekyll can do with a blank canvas in 60 minutes is nothing short of astounding, unlike any other act you’ve ever seen on the scene… any scene. End scene!

Jared’s skill set is limitless, his fear of ‘going there’ is no where to be found — Jared will do and say anything to create the atmosphere and theatrical environment of his choosing.

Jared has written for Radio, TV, Stage, other people and also letters to god; now, this experimental comedian takes centre stage for his second feature-length solo venture, to finally guide audiences through his head for a no-holds-barred, multi-sensory hour of Hip Hop, Psychology and Philosophy communicated through almost every form of comedy available to us as Earthlings in 2015.