MEXRRISSEY - Mexico goes Morrissey

MEXRRISSEY - Mexico goes Morrissey


$44.00 + BF
(02) 9550 3666
Concert Mode - General Admission Standing
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre

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Enter Mexrrissey – a glorious seven-piece band representing the crème de la crème of Mexico’s music scene, who interpret Morrissey’s and The Smith’s oeuvre entirely in Spanish. Picture vibrant Latin rhythms of ranchera, mariachi, danzón, mambo, norteño and cha cha cha with arrangements by Calexico’s Sergio Mendoza.

At first glance, the association might seem surprising: songs from a place Morrissey himself bewails as “silent and grey” being sung by musicians from one of the world’s most famously vibrant countries.

But actually, Moz’s ardent Mexican fanbase is a force to be reckoned with, and when you consider the drama, romance and poetry inherent in The Smiths’ outsider anthems, it makes perfect sense.

It’s an utterly joyous translation that provokes reactions “ranging from laughter to jumping to wild dancing to screams and tears” (The Observer).

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