SEATON KAY-SMITH - Welcome To The Moon!

SEATON KAY-SMITH - Welcome To The Moon!

THU 27 & FRI 28 APRIL @ 7PM

Full - $20
Concession - $15
(02) 9550 3666
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

In the near future, who could say exactly when, in a bid to escape the now inhospitable earth, humanity has packed up and moved to the moon.

‘Everything’s so different!’ You might say, ‘There’s less gravity, there’s no water, there’s too many craters. How will we adapt?’ Well, fortunately, Seaton is already on the moon and he’s there to welcome you to the moon.

He’ll show you around your new home, give you tips and advice, share stories and tell jokes, he’ll sing you a song and make you feel at home, he’ll also warn you about the vicious child-eater that lives on the dark side of the moon, Der Lunerstod. There’ll also be dips!*

He’s there for advice, fun and frivolity, but mostly he’s there to say, “Welcome to the Moon!”

*BYO dips.

“Funny and Sexy… Surreal… clever… gorgeous. The titter king without any doubt.” Dawn French

“Funny as Fuck” Tim Ferguson