SOPHIE LONG - The Wendigo

SOPHIE LONG - The Wendigo

THU 27 + FRI 28 APR @ 9:30PM

$15 Fresh
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Seated
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Wen•di•go  n. 1. a person who has been transformed into an evil spirit by the consumption of human flesh. 2. a cannibal.

”Would it be possible”, asked Sophie Long, “to scare an audience in a live comedy show?” “Interesting question” replied her imaginary audience.  ”Why don’t you write a show and see what happens?” So she did. 

With inspiration from fairy tales, urban Gothic, and Native American mythology, this storytelling show tells twisted tales of murder, madness and revenge. “Well done”, her imaginary audience said. “That’s the ticket. Also, you’re very pretty.”

Sophie is an internationally trained (The Second City Chicago, iO Theatre, UCB) writer and performer. She has performed sketch & improv in Chicago (The Second City, iO Theatre) and Sydney (The Belvoir Theatre), and was in The Sydney Fringe & Chicago Improv Festivals. In 2016 she collaborated on the web series A Shared House (writer), and I Know You Are (actor).  She is a co-founder and regular performer at the Sydney storytelling night Fabulous Monster.  Her favourite author is Stephen King.