STEVE LYNCH (USA) - U.S. of Eh?!?

STEVE LYNCH (USA) - U.S. of Eh?!?

WED 10 + FRI 12 MAY @ 7PM

General Admission $20
Concession $18
Groups (+6) $18
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Seated
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

Ok, yes, so the same country that has come up with pretty much all of the world’s cool stuff chose Donald Trump as its President. How is that possible?

In other words… America – what is up with that place? Steve Lynch knows. He took the plunge and moved there. For a whole year, Steve (SCRABBLE Unscripted, Theatresports champion, ABC TV’s Wednesday Night Fever) saw everything it had to offer, and said yes to (almost) everything. In U.S. of Eh?!? Steve goes beyond the cliches and the catastrophic election decisions, and reveals the true America, reliving a year of Hollywood, rednecks, reality TV, Texan rodeos and, most of all, confusion.

“Think of the craziest thing you’ve heard about America, he can out-crazy it – hilarious!” Weekend Notes

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