MICHAEL WORKMAN - Nothing You Do Means Anything

MICHAEL WORKMAN - Nothing You Do Means Anything

WED 17 - SAT 20 MAY @ 8:15PM
SUN 21 MAY @7:15PM

Wednesday $15
Thursday & Sunday $20
Friday & Saturday $25
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Seated
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

A very earnest disaster

Michael Workman has been getting jaded and weird. This is a show about that. And bees. It’s pieced together from angry letters to the editor and half cut off biographies from Fantales wrappers. It’s sometimes quite beautiful and lucid, and other times it’s manic and frightening. “Nothing You Do Means Anything” is broken and parts of it are on fire. It smells like wet carpet, and it leans to one side, but that’s kind of good. This is the most iconoclastic show multi-award winning comedian Michael Workman has produced. It may kill him.

“Bleak, thought-provoking and very funny.” The West Australian.

“His attitude, and his thoughtful imagery, sticks with you long after you’ve left the venue. Impressive stuff, indeed.” Chortle.

“Absolute genius” Timeout.

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