NICK SUN - You Don’t Have to Be Anything

NICK SUN - You Don't Have to Be Anything

THU 18 + SAT 20 MAY @ 9:30PM
SUN 21 MAY @ 8:30PM

Admit $26
Concession $22.95
Groups (6+) $22.95
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This show is unfortunately cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. All ticket holders will receive a full refund.


In 2015 I did Ayahuasca with the intention, ‘How do I become a better comedian?’ The answer, the Ayahuasca spirit told me, was to stop doing comedy. It also told me that the reason why i was depressed was because i was a self centred fuck and that i needed to 'Get over myself', suggesting that i needed to go back to my homelands, find my roots and do some volunteer work. Being burnt out and sick of comedy after 13 years of hell, I decided to heed its advice and get the fuck out of dodge. The day before i left, the Nepal Earthquake happened. Too cheap to change my flight, i decided to head over as planned and try and help out. I ended up doing rubble removal, demolition and building work in various urban and rural centres in a completely devastated third world country. Boy, what an eye opener. It was so fucked up, i even wrote some jokes about it. It was quite addictive helping other people and i suddenly realised i was helping myself just as much, as my self centred western depression began to lift. I then met a girl who told me about Mother Teresa's home for the destitute and the dying where you could help terminally ill homeless people die. So after spending some time tracing my roots and ancestry through the Himalayas, i headed to Kolkata to help people die and wipe a lot of old indian men's asses. Boy, what an eye opener.It was so fucked up, i even wrote some jokes about it. I then did Ayahuasca again and it informed me that i needed to start training as a shaman. I experienced total ego death of my illusory identity as a comedian. I then saw a hologram of planet Earth appear in front of me. 'Help me.' She said. 'Jesus, what is this Avatar?' I wondered. 'Umm okay.' I replied instead. 'How can i help you?' I asked her. 'Go back to doing comedy and tell everyone what the hell is going on and make all your fellow shaved monkeys stop shitting in my vagina, it's really beginning to stink bad.' She said. 'Fuck.' I said. 'I was much happier helping other people, the comedy world is a toxic circle jerk of ego and dick sucking and i don't want to go back.' She said, 'Shut up pussy, get back onstage and tell it like it is. You have nothing to lose, besides, seriously, i am sick of all of you shaved monkeys shitting in my cunt.'

I came back to Australia, got involved in conservation work and after seeing old growth rainforest pointlessly bulldozed by a company that had been losing money the last ten years, i suddenly realised what i had to do.

So here i am again, doing standup about the fucking mess that we're currently in. TRUMP IS PRESIDENT. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE RISE OF FASCISM? What the fuck is the deal with how fucked everything seems to be getting and like what the fuck man? What can i do? WHAT THE FUCK CAN I DO ABOUT THIS INSANE FUCKING MESS OF A WORLD???

The answer was to write a show about it.

In this show i will be dropping 'mad truth turds' that will 'explode your buttcunt', pouring scorn on how fucked celebrity culture is, how fucked food culture is, softcocks who love to be offended, politics, consumerism, western civilisation, western softcock pussies, the corporate industrial political complex, humanity, the hedonistic/nihilist hipster mode of existence, the entertainment industry, factory farmed meat and of course my personal failiings as a 5 dimensional energy trapped in a 3 dimensional time and space suit trying to navigate his way through this mess, offering realistic lifestyle tips on how you, yes you can make a difference and do something about the forces of darkness ruining the world.


”Watching Nick Sun piss in the face of American crowds was fantastic. Smart material with an ugly self-destruction at it's heart that makes it necessary to be there ‘live’… If you see Nick Sun and you didn't enjoy it, it's because you sucked as an audience.”  Doug Stanhope

”The real deal… Touched with a certain unorthodox kind of genius… Rewarding and always idiosyncratic.”  Guardian

”His multilayered material is inspired in its warped convention rattling logic. A bittersweet mix of enjoyment, uncontrollable laughter, awkwardness and bewilderment. Completely unlike anything else around.”  Chortle


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