Supported by Jordan F + Vast Hill + Emulate

THU 16 NOV @ 8PM

$35 + Booking Fee
(02) 9550 3666
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On sale now @ The Factory Theatre

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From humble beginnings in his home studio in 2013, this solo artist – Ross Trinkaus aka Phaserland – has built a creative connection between 80s-inspired nostalgia and a modern blend of rich synthesizer tones over the course of three standout releases.

Transcending the standard genre fanfare in favour of more experimental sounds, his latest effort—Cosmic Boundaries—sees Trinkaus meticulously reframe his origins through a kaleidoscope of warm, sophisticated tunes that connect with the very heart of the listener.

“He evokes the humble beginnings of the 80s inspired synthwave genre and throws in neo-electronica sounds… Phaserland is an absolute dream.” — Darren DeToni, DRIVE Radio

Influenced by past jazz and funk ties, his love of early soundtracks and artists like Mitch Murder, Tesla Boy and Sellorekt LA Dreams solidified his synthwave ventures early on – driven by the need to explore topics like space travel, sex, computer games and romance in contemporary times.

“His work has a precision, a focus and a unique identity that is distinct among artists operating within the 80’s-inspired scene.” — Michael CA, Synthetix.FM

Described by the artist himself as ‘part nostalgic, part neon sex and part feel-good fun’, Cosmic Boundaries is mature foray into new-school retro with touches of chillwave, psychedelic and soft rock for measure.

“The year’s still young, but I get the feeling this thing’s EOY-list material in the synthwave category.” — Dan Kaplan, Bandcamp

Phaserland will be touring Australia with shows in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne in November 2017. In Sydney he will be joined by Triple J Unearthed artists Jordan F and Vast Hill, as well as Emulate.