RISING APPALACHIA - Global Song Workshop

RISING APPALACHIA - Global Song Workshop

SUN 14 JAN @ 2PM

$40 + Booking Fee
(02) 9550 3666
Workshop Mode - General Admission
On sale now @ Factory Theatre
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Exploring sound vibration and body movement as a tool for self-awareness… creating a space to embody the physical art.

Leah and Chloe’s vocal workshops explore sound vibration and body movement as tools for self-awareness. The space is created to help each participant to embody the physical art of making sound from all the many resonators in the body. This workshop utilizes the expressions of the body through movement and music using a variety of techniques including vocal contact improv. creative sound improvizations, group harmonics, singing techniques and movement drawing upon Yoga and Modern Dance.

Song-improvisation combined with creative movement will provide a pathway to loosen the body and open the vocal chords while bringing participants into their own sound-scape.

Chanting, Toning, Improvisational Voice Techniques, and Song Sharing is drawn from personal experience as well as music rooted in American Southern Blues, traditional roots music from New Orleans, Brazil, Malawi, Bulgaria, Cuba, Appalachia, the Balkans, and more. Global Sound workshops allow each participant to explore their individual voice as well as how our sounds relate to one another and how the relationship forms it’s own rhythmic harmonies.

Come, Participate and learn to create your own sound palate…