LUCHA LIBRE - Cantina Brawl

LUCHA LIBRE - Cantina Brawl


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$37 + Booking Fee
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On sale now @ The Factory Theatre

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Buy tickets online

A Tequila party like no other will happen in Sydney’s The Factory Theatre on Friday 2nd of February, with amazing luchadores, mini luchadores, hot señoritas and amazing Latin musicians… last thing missing is… YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!

Come and join us at this crazy Mexican Fiesta!

In the wild wild west of Mexico there’s the country town of San Nicolas de los Burros where the outlaws and the Rudos have taken control of all the Tequila of the town and the Sherrif and his Tecnicos will fight on a fierceful battle to get it back…

Lucha Fantasitca presenta:

/ / C A N T I N A – B R A W L / /

Expect as always:

• Mexican folklore! Luchadores and Enmascarados (masked wrestlers) doing a combination of sport, entertainment and dramatic storytelling all rolled up into a flamboyant display, wild and highly flying insanity.

• A combination of various fighting techniques like wrestling, judo, jujitsu, grappling, kickboxing and boxing. It is a mixture of all these combat art forms blended with the elements of soap opera, dramatic storytelling, physical comedy, incredible athletics, suspense and intrigue.

• Beautiful ‘Chicas Calientes’ dancing and doing different kind of performances

• Expect the ‘Mini’ wrestlers to be in the corners of the ring supporting the Luchadores!

• Expect ‘Dos de Tres Caidas’ (2 out of 3 falls), ‘suicidas’ (suicide moves), ‘desnucadoras’ (power bombs), ‘patadas voladoras’ (flying kicks), ‘filomenas’ (spin kicks), ‘quebradoras’ (spinning back breaker), ‘tapatias’, ‘huracarranas’ and ‘manita de puerco’!

• Expect a Mexican Fiesta with djs!

Lucha Libre in Australia… ‘Un fieston y no ching*deras!’

The Factory Theatre will be transformed into a Mexican Arena for this Show!