TITUS O’REILY - A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport

TITUS O'REILY - A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport

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Fresh from appearing in his living room while drinking alone, Titus O’Reily brings his bestselling book A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport to life on stage.

From Don Bradman’s focus to Steven Bradbury’s heroic not falling over and the alarming number of footballers caught urinating in public – sport has shaped Australians’ sense of self.

O’Reily explores the scandalous and bizarre history which has led to this nation’s great love affair with sport.

Part history, part social commentary and part the ravings of a madman, Titus examines:

League vs Union, what it says about you as a person Why it’s the AFL’s fault that Victorians are so awful How soccer is the biggest threat to Australia since Communism How cricket, is not boring, OK Sharon! Horse racing, not just a way to launder your money and

The Olympics or why Australia is only important every four years Weaving humour and history into one hilarious yet surprisingly informative show, Titus helps us understand how sport is important – gloriously stupid, but important.

With his appearances on Nova radio and Channel Seven’s AFL coverage and with 55,000 followers on Facebook and 190,000 followers on Twitter, Titus’ popularity has been described by academics as ‘collective madness’ and proof ‘Australians have no taste.’

“an hilarious array of one-liners” The West Australian

“This non-stop hour of hilarity will have you wiping tears of laughter, on the edge of your seat, opinion making and wetting your pants from start to finish” Jamie Azzopardi

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