26 - 28 APR @ 8:15PM
29 APR @ 7:15PM

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Reflecting on 50 years of life Tommy has come to this philosophical surmise: maybe true happiness isn’t achievable. Maybe ambition is just too much work. Maybe Greatness isn’t ever meant for us all.

Or maybe life itself only offers each of us a little bit of each. We are all of us, on rare occasions, amazing! This is a celebration of those tiny moments. Those little life capsules of perfection where YOU are the best you will ever be! Claim the Smug… if only for a moment.

Tommy Dean is back with another side-splitting, joyous hour of entertainment. One of the most popular comedians in the country, the affable, ageless American with the rock god long hair and booming deep drawl is loved by young and old – to watch him find the funny in the mundane along with the bizarre of our day-to-day existences is always an absolute joy.

★★★★★ “hilarious” The Music

“a quirky, memorable comedy show” The Brag

“the audience lapped it up with howls of delight” Sydney Arts Guide

Factory Room: The Terminal