THE POOL BOYS - Fact Safari!

THE POOL BOYS - Fact Safari!

SAT 28 APR @ 5:45PM
SUN 29 APR @ 4:45PM

$22, Concession: $19, Groups 6+: $19
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - General Admission Seating
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Have you ever wondered how much you don’t know?

Spoiler alert, it’s most of it.

But now’s your chance to finally catch up on all of your favourite subjects;

Science! History! The other ones!

Crammed from end to end with possible truth and unsubstantiated rumour, The Pool Boys: Fact Safari is a crash-course in the entire universe, and by golly are we going to learn you a thing.

But we don’t need a Magical school bus, because we have the magic.. OF THEATRE! The Pool Boys: Fact Safari. Packed with facts™!

Comedy trio ‘The Pool Boys’ (Chris Heaslip, Davey Reynolds and Stuart Owen) use their unique style of sketch and musical comedy again to bring you ‘FACT SAFARI!’ a light-hearted comedy sketch show in the style of a 90’s educational CD-rom!

“Owen’s ability to present varying styles of humour, and his versatility at depicting his character’s temperamental transformations, is delightfully memorable.” – Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See September 16 2015

“A laugh out loud comedy, with a truly outstanding performance by Davey Reynolds as “Bryan from HR” as the interviewer.” – Lynn Belvedere, Sydney Arts Guide January 16 2016

“The rat bag son Damian (Chris Heaslip), a manic theatrical producer, is played with a high octane mix of panache and eccentricity.” – John Pollack, Sydney Arts Guide September 17th 2015

“Both Owen and Heaslip illustrate strong competency in their directorial vision, as well as their individual artistic decisions as performers.” – Emily Richardson, Upstaged Reviews September 16th 2015