ROSE PIPER - Miss November

ROSE PIPER - Miss November

3 & 5 MAY @ 8:15PM
SUN 6 MAY @ 7:15PM

$22.95, Groups 6+: $17.85
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - General Admission Seating
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You know how sometimes you like a band, but then for whatever reason; political, artistic, etc. they go through a transitional period and decide to change their name? And even though you wonder why they changed it – you liked the old name and didn’t think there was a problem at all – you realise that deep down, they’re still the same band and they’re clearly happier this way, so why can’t you just go on being a fan? And continuing to support the sweet sounds of their stand-up com… uh, music. Anyway, this show is kinda how Rose made that transition.

Her laidback delivery and killer jokes will have you in fits of laughter, saying, “Is that quite a strong jawline for a woman?” It certainly is…

Recommended if you liked: the (f)artist formerly known as Reece Piper.

“Talented and hilarious. The highlight of the show.” – The Adelaide Advertiser