MATES! A Struthin’ Aussie Soap Opera

MATES! A Struthin' Aussie Soap Opera

SUN 20 MAY @ 4:45PM

$15, Concession: $10
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - General Admission Seating
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

G’day Mate and welcome to the small rural country town of Ridgey Didge. This place is as community centred as the rest, but all is not right in the town mechanics.

You see, Bazza and Rochelle have had a bad crop season, and they worry their marriage might not make the New Year. Year 11 school boy Tobias has a crush on the hunky life guard Peter Garrett, but he was told no dating til’ after the HSC.

Big town Lawyer Susie Susington has returned ready to take over the old watering hole; but she doubts she has the ability to connect with the locals the way her mum use to (who was tragically run over by a ford falco). And of course, in a hilarious change of pace, The Prime Minister yet again gets their jacket caught under a new case of Toohey’s New. Will they escape in time to make Parsy’s daily big BBQ?

“A chaotic mess of pure Australian fun that will make you pine for six seasons and a movie” – Honi Soit

“Well it can’t possibly be worse than an episode of a real Australian soap opera” – Pat Morrow, The Guardian