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Sydney’s PURPLENE, the four-piece responsible for one of the most breathtaking and inventive Australian indie albums of the last two decades, are back. 

Following an earlier album and two EPs, the acclaimed 2004 ‘Purplene’ LP was recorded at Chicago’s Electrical Audio by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) and proved a significant departure for the band – a masterful and mature distillation of brooding experimental minimalism, abstract poetic imagery and full-blown cathartic release. Since their break-up in 2005, tracks such as Swords Down, The Battlerand Love:Western have become the new blueprint for Australian left-of-centre rock, spilling over into what would later become known as emo. As Sputnik’s 4.5-star ‘Purplene’ review noted, “the record’s greatest strength is its shunning of the excesses of the genres it takes its influence from.“ Members would go on to form Charge Group, Firekites and Palace of Fire. 

14 years later, the band are reforming for one special Sydney show to celebrate the release of ‘Purplene’ on vinyl for the very first time on Hobbledehoy Records. Don’t miss your chance to witness PURPLENE live – with special guests Jordan Ireland & Purple Orchestra (ex-Middle East) + Pinch Hitter.