Supported by All Our Exes Live in Texas + Polka Club

SAT 14 JUL @ 7.30PM

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From Stax to the Stones, Ray Charles to Prince, there’s one thing you can take to the bank in this crazy world of rock’n‘roll: if a band’s got swing, it’s gonna come on like a wrecking ball with a wall of brass at its back.

So it is that Polish Club — Australia’s pre-eminent pleading and hammering soul-thrash guitar-drums duo — expands its ranks this winter for a triple-pronged variety show with a five-piece horn section and a double-whammy of very special guests.

“I’m a sucker for a brass ensemble or a string ensemble and one of them makes a lot more sense than the other,” says singer-guitarist Novak, the man who does to songs what 80-grit sandpaper does to wood.

His partner JH, he of grazed knuckles and flailing drumsticks, happened to inherit a taste for big band muscle from an old friend, conservatorium-trained trombone player Benn Chapman. One phone call later, trumpet, saxes and sousaphone were inked into the equation.

“I actually had to Google sousaphone but once I found out what it is, I was like oh yeah, let’s get one of those,” Novak chuckles. “I guess there’s not too many rock gigs going around for the sousaphone player, so it’s nice to offer something a little different.”

In that same openhearted vein of exploration, the band has invited ARIA-winning folk-pop harmony quartet All Our Exes Live in Texas to join their brassed-up midwinter roadshow, as well as a mysterious trio with indelible links to the main act.

“Polka Club is Sydney’s biggest up-and-coming polka pop cover band revue,” JH says enigmatically. “It may or may not include my dad on accordion… it’s kind of an excuse for us to play pop songs that we couldn’t quite pull off by ourselves.” By “pop”, think Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and other platinum-sellers begging for a shot of polka-Latino grunt.

“This is gonna be fun,” says Novak. “There’s really no other reason to do it besides us wanting to have a good time and that usually translates to the audience having a good time as well.”

You better believe it. Polish Club is officially a global concern since they launched their debut US single, Beeping/ Able, with sardine-packed gigs in New York and Las Vegas in April. So miss these ones at your peril.

“We haven’t done this before and we probably won’t do it again,” says Novak. “So listen, even if it’s terrible, it will be notable.”

You’ve got to love those odds.