Supported by YLVA & Lo!

FRI 16 NOV @ 7:30PM

$39.99 + booking fee
(02) 9550 3666
On sale now @ Factory Theatre
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Amenra There are not enough words to describe the sheer magnificence of Amenra, a band whose powerful and unorthodox music has created waves in the metal world for almost two decades. Hailing from the eerie depths of Kortrijk, Belgium, Amenra will bring forth the fierce, pulsating sounds of their music to consume Australia/ New Zealand for the very first time. Known for their soul-crushing and electrifying live performances, there is no doubt of the band’s genre-defying style and dynamic, combining the best of sludge, doom and post-hardcore to create music that will consume you completely.

Amenra has been paving their own path for a long time since their inception, always putting their heart and soul into every note, word and image; resulting in being one of the most influential metal bands and changing the course of people’s lives wherever their path leads them. With each ‘Mass’ album that they’ve released, every EP, split, live album and even a book, it is difficult to look past the power of their music, the strength of their passion and their dedication to their art. The year 2005 also saw the rise of the Church of Ra, an initiative by Amenra who founded a collective of like-minded artists who collaborate on art and performances. The band is currently on tour with none other than the mighty Neurosis, one of the pioneers of their genre and hardcore giants Converge, stunning audiences with their gargantuan sounds and music from their latest releases ‘Mass V’ and ‘Mass VI’.

Prepare for the most blisterning, raw and hypnotic live music experience of the year for with Amenra, you can expect nothing less!

YLVA Melbourne’s YLVA create some of the darkest, heaviest and most intense music in the country, heightening your senses with extreme volumes and colossal riffs. The four-piece heavy band released their debut record M E T A in 2017, a release met with immense appreciation from fans all over, as well as new signings and partnerships with Translation Loss Records in North America and Pelagic Records in Europe/Australia. With a blood-curdling intensity that will shroud listeners in a atmosphere of sludge-laden post-metal, YLVA will have you at the mercy of their music in no time.

Lo! Their passionately fierce and thunderous live shows make Lo! one of Australia’s favourite bands. The heavy quartet from Sydney’s live performances can be compared to the way a volcano that has been dormant for many years before unexpectedly unleashing it’s wrath on everything in its vicinity. The energy and dynamism that Lo! Invest in their music is unmatched and this translates live into an absolutely brutal experience. Lo! Launched their latest record ‘Vestigial’ through Pelagic Records early this year followed by a month long European Tour. Having shared the stage with the likes of Russian Circles, Eyehategod, Palm and not to mention Cult of Luna and German powerhouse The Ocean, Lo! Has come a long way carving their distinctive niche of noisy, sludgy hardcore.