SIMON KENNEDY - Hairless Whisper

SIMON KENNEDY - Hairless Whisper

2 & 4-5 MAY

02 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Unreserved Seating
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Who was Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmanuel Ambroise Diggs? Why, he was the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz!

Simon Kennedy’s new show has absolutely nothing to do with that.

You know Simon. You’ve seen him on your TV, heard him on your radios, and probably listened to him even when you didn’t realise you were doing so. Spooky. But did you know he is also into hairless cat trafficking, and in certain circles, is known as The Pussy Pimp? Just when you think you know someone, right?

Simon wants you to know him. He wants to let you in. And so, much like Dorothy, in his new show he pulls back the curtain on his career as a voice-over artist, being a cat trafficking overlord and his strong and hilarious opinions on this fine nanny state we find ourselves living in.

As seen on The Project, Studio 10, The Comedy Channel and The Morning Show, this comedic confessional leaves no stone unturned as it details the highs and lows of Simon Kennedy’s secret lives.

Which comedian has both met AND impersonated a president? Which comedian has the same haircut as his cat?

You know the answer.

Come and find out why Concrete Playground calls him a “World Class Comedian”.