JACINTA GREGORY - 80s Nostalgia Sad Hour

JACINTA GREGORY - 80s Nostalgia Sad Hour

4 - 5 MAY

$10.00 - $15.00
02 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Unreserved Seating
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From the co-creator of sell-out shows ‘Holt! The Musical’ and ‘Jacintegrating’ comes an hour of musical comedy sure to have you flash-dancing and fearful of this colourful dystopia.

The year is/was and always will be 1984. Everyone was having a good time in the 80s; people dancing to Bonnie Tyler and children skipping across the Berlin Wall – when a totalitarian government took over the world and decided one thing. Time stops in 1984.

With the help of friends and a live band, Jacinta Gregory presents a comedy musical tale detailing a future, a past and a present entirely based on the 80s. It will be bizarre. It will be frightening, there will be leg warmers. And by GOD will there be synths. While she is a manic depressive living in a rigid government structure that enforces dance-breaks, she, and the rest of the world, know only one thing. Girls just wanna have fun! THATS ALL THEY REALLY WANT. THAT’S. ALL.

“Gregory neatly carries off several of these moments with warmth and confidence.” - Sydney Arts Guide

“Jacinta drives the point home that mental illness doesn’t have to define a life, certainly not from the point of view of others”Fringe Feed

“…Gregory shows a promising future as a writer of Australian musicals and comedy.” Theatre Now