ANGELLA DRAVID - Angella Logic

ANGELLA DRAVID - Angella Logic

8 - 12 MAY

$17 - $25
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Unreserved Seating
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Angella Logic

Pronunciation: /ˈændʒələ lɒdʒɪk/ A. n A thought process that only makes sense to Angella.

Angella’s BFF calls it ‘Angella logic’ but Angella can’t see it. It’s probably a euphemism for being naive. Angella talks about weird situations and thoughts, growing up, and sex stuff. May contain evangelists, obscure 90s references, and a gross carrot joke.

“If you want to see someone truly unique, this queen of the awkwardly unabashed is just your ticket” – NZ Herald

“Dravid is a natural clown and true original” – The Spinoff

Winner Billy T 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival

Nominee Best Newcomer 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival

Winner Best Newcomer 2015 NZ Comedy Guild