SONGTOURAGE - Matchy Matchy

SONGTOURAGE - Matchy Matchy

11 - 12 MAY

$27.00 - $29.00
02 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Unreserved Seating
On sale now @ The Factory Theatre & Ticketek

2018 was a huge year for Songtourage – two massive performances at Giant Dwarf, a successful run of shows at the Old Fitz and a triumphant TV debut on Tonightly with Tom Ballard (RIP). Songo is back for an even bigger 2019, starting with MATCHY MATCHY – a brand new show of straight-up comedy fire, somehow debuting in the only room in the Factory which doesn’t refer to matches or fire.

More shows, more complementary colours and patterns, MATCHY MATCHY is a loud laugh into the abyss, a warm embrace from a passionate bus driver, a Uniqlo wet dream and a craft beer shandy all rolled into one. Also, songs.

Songtourage is a Sydney-based band serving musical comedy and normal word-type comedy from the dubious minds and musical palates of Josh Anderson, Lachlan Cameron, Pierce Hartigan and James Kwong.

“… what comedy does best: taking the mundane and making it noteworthy.” - The Brag

“They were funny, they were talented, and just all-round impressive.”Honi Soit