SUN 16 JUN @ 8:30PM

$23.00 + Booking Fee
(02) 9550 3666
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Winner Director’s Choice Award 2018 NZ International Comedy Festival

“The best comedy duo I have ever seen” – Urzila Carlson

The Fan Brigade are a multi-award-winning musical comedy duo. They’ve almost won too many awards, it’s embarrassing. Very famous in NZ but very unknown here, The Fan Brigade are bringing their show ONE NIGHT ONLY to Sydney (but for two shows).

Often described as either fat ugly bitches who should gas themselves… or talented comedians taking the New Zealand and Sydney comedy scenes by storm (depends who you ask) we are lucky to have them coming at us with their third sold-out show (in New Zealand, where they are famous). This show is filled with unfiltered opinions, musical comedy hits, and a bit about life before strangers online started telling them to [email protected]*k themselves to death.

‘Their musical performances are creative and intellectual masterpieces.’ Metro Magazine’

‘their sardonic response to the haters is modestly endearing. Unless, of course, you’re one of the neocon incels screaming your impotent abuse at them online’. Chortle, UK

‘Brilliantly bawdy, fabulously facetious and exceedingly entertaining… riotous and wildly audacious.’ Appetite for the Arts

‘The two singer girls. One with little guitar. I laughed. And laugh. And laugh some more.’ Some punter on the Classic Comedy Club Facebook page

AWARDS Director’s Choice at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2018

Awarded Best Gag in the NZ Comedy Guild Awards 2017

Awarded Best Newcomer 2016 at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Nominated for Comic Originality award, NZ Comedy Guild Awards 2016

Nominated Best Female Comedian, NZ Comedy Guild Awards 2016

Awarded Best Newcomer, NZ Comedy Guild Awards 2014