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Jeeves Verma has regretfully advised that in relation to the global Covid-19 pandemic, this event has been cancelled.

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Jeeves has the voice of an angel – and he’s desperately trying to fix that.

His voice-box’s higher-pitched, dulcet tones have lead to some pretty interesting conversations over the phone, and even weirder relationship dynamics with past girlfriends. But, he’s decided to use his angel voice for good: to shame “dog people” and solve one of the biggest problems in the world today – keep cups ♫ dun dun daaa ♫

Jeeves Verma, a comedian local to the Sydney City region for the last 10ish years, has a background in stand-up, sketch and improv comedy.

He spent his childhood in libraries, secretly reading medical textbooks. His father, forced him to perform in university revues and made him write 5 minute sets all weekend long for the Comedy Society. While the other good Indian boys were having fun studying Physiology in their rooms, Jeeves was practicing punchlines in front of surly white people in a bar, somewhere. Jeeves, now having given up on the Medical dream, tells stories about his life to whomever will listen. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Since then, Jeeves has performed stand-up in festival shows for the last five years: writing a brand new, hour-long show every year. He is also a regular performer with Improv Theatre Sydney.

It’s easy to see why Jeeves Verma has been steadily growing in popularity – he is absolutely lovely …storytelling genius. – The Plus Ones, Sydney

Jeeves Verma will leave you laughing so hard, you will struggle to remain upright in your seat. – The Plus Ones, Melbourne