The Factory is a relatively new, intimate venue that has quickly established itself as a unique place to play of the live circuit. We love the venue and have filmed some terrific acts there. Some of the bands we’ve recorded need little or no introduction, whereas others are sure to be a revelation.

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Here’s just a few of the recent highlights:

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In the meantime, here’s just a few of the highlights: Terrorust Akercocke Amanda Palmer Art Brut Astriaal Baseball The Berzerker The Follow The Nomad The Scare The Versionaries The Amenta Bird Automatic Pitch Black Blood Duster Five Star Prison Cell Fleshgore Lions At Your Door Roger That Tokyo Blonde The Holidays The Pipettes Ash Grunwald Daysend Double Dragon Lynchmada Ruins Switchblade Papa Vs Pretty The Necks CocoRosie Sui Zhen The Red Paintings Rembetika – Greek Blues Dappled Cities The Wahas Shaun Hellyer Spazmoo Paper Champion Kristin Berardi Septet Adrian Klumpes Band Of Five Names Harry Manx The Herd Barry Adamson Elana Stone Les Yeux Noirs Illzilla VHS or BETA Rapaport Cougar Flashy Horsell Common Crow Hoss Ali Mireskandari Maja Petrovna Alister Spence Trio Alcohotlicks The Retreat Bleached Academy The Mission In Motion Marcus Schmickler Andrew Peckler Robert Normandeau Nat Bates Jacques Soddell Lawrence English Metalog Nick Wishart & Hirofumi Uchino Heil Spirits Ivan Lisyak Kusum Normoyle Cedric Peyronnet Kazumichi Grime Toecutter The Translators Sandy Evans/Citizens Of Earth The Fauves Carpathian Shipwreck A.D. Cloud Control The Moffs The Bell Divers 10 Paces Crusty Suitcase Peregrine The Dawn Collective Jack Carty & The Party Adam Cousens The Shipwrecked Falling In Autumn Tim Ireland Levi McGrath The Adventure Stars Firekites Steven Freeland Oak Tree Foundation Isadore Biffin Captain Reckless & The Lost Souls Sydney City Trash The Snowdroppers Waiting For Guinness Big Heavy Stuff Knievel Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band The Lucksmiths Darren Hanlon Zambetologies Zambetologies (Part 2)