Time Sat 19 Sep, 10:30pm

Price Full $16 / Conc $14

Bookings (02) 9550 3666

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Bad At Dancing

Joanna Arnow // USA // 2015 // 11 mins // Australian Premiere

Perpetual third wheel Joanna increasingly inserts herself into the relationship of her roommate isabel. the two women test each other’s boundaries in this surreal manifestation of jealous rivalry.


Bloody Mary

Jono Freedrix // USA // 2015 // 6 mins // Australian Premiere

A sophisticated Manhattan loft party takes a deviant turn after an uninvited guest shows up, pestering nearly everyone.



Leah Shore // USA // 2015 // 4 mins // Australian Premiere

Shot exclusively in a secret sex club in new York city, a drug-addled couple unleash an existential barrage of delusion and broken dreams upon each other.


Salad Days

Will Welles // USA // 2014 // 6 mins // Australian Premiere

Just a normal couple out on a normal picnic on a normal nice day. nothing out of the ordinary to see here…nothing at all.


Be Loved

Jan Soldat // GERMANY // 2010 // 16 mins // Australian Premiere

Life’s about two things: being loved and not being alone. but what happens when people aren’t enough or they’re too much? a film about the relationship between humans and animals, poised between love and dependence.


Goat Witch!

James Sizemore // USA // 2014 // 13 mins // Australian Premiere

In a bid to win her girlfriend’s affection, a young woman participates in a bizarre black magic ritual. she soon realizes she’s got tough competition in the form of a terrifying she- demon, raised from the dead.


Pale Blue Dot

Pourya Ezzati Pour // GERMANY // 2014 // 11 mins // Australian Premiere

Pieces of lives spent in this crazy, meaningless, violent pale blue Dot in the murkiness of space that we call earth.


The Girlfriend Experience

Mark Kunerth // USA // 2014 // 7 mins // Australian Premiere

Getting over a breakup of someone we love can make us do things we normally wouldn’t do. a young man’s plan for a no-strings attached encounter is not nearly as easy and uncomplicated as it first seems.



Stefan Adamski // POLAND // 2014 // 5 mins // Australian Premiere

A film within a film about a man’s sexual relationship with a tree, based on correspondence with cult movie directors.


The Shadow of Your Smile

Alexei Dmitriev // RUSSIA // 2014 // 3 mins // Sydney Premiere

A look at the hidden pleasures that lurk behind and in- between the artifacts of vHs adult films.