Time Sat 19 Sep, 6:00pm

Price Full $16 / Conc $14

Bookings (02) 9550 3666

Tickets On sale now @ Factory Theatre




Emma Varker // AUS // 2015 // 1 min // World Premiere

A 16mm experimental piece featuring a headless man masturbating and a reluctant porn star.


Parallel Divergence

Alice Sciberra // AUS // 2015 // 2 mins // Australian Premiere

Parallel Divergence is a material stop-motion, displaying an abstract relationship that becomes strained as competition and ego consume the pair.


Shy Latte

Cathy Vu // AUS // 2014 // 7 mins // World Premiere

Coffee. Sex. Magic. What could go wrong?


Take A Seat

Jordan Turner // AUS // 2012 // 7 mins // Sydney Premiere

Jensen’s fetish for the four- legged is out of control. His room is a cluttered shrine to this obsession, and those who love him are at their wits end.


Double Blind No. 1

The Double Blind Experiments // AUS // 2015 // 2 mins // Australian Premiere

Five VFX artists set out to test the theory that a fine-art technique relying on chance can be applied to a motion piece.


Reconstruction of Identity

Michael Toledo // AUS // 2014 // 12 mins // World Premiere

Ulysses has filmmaker’s block. The only way through is to journey into his subconscious mind, confront his past and the history of his family through fragments of old movies.


Sick Joke

Jason J. Cohn & Sigourney Luz // AUS // 2014 // 7 mins // Sydney Premiere

Daniel and Stella are the kind of couple who like to push each other’s buttons just for the fun of it, but don’t know when to stop. A tale of life, love and shallow grave digging.


The Everybody’s Guide To Film Making

Nick Martinelli // AUS // 2014 // 6 mins // World Premiere

In just 10 easy steps just these 10, The Professor will show you how to make an ‘oscar-winning* masterpiece’ (*oscar not guaranteed).


Flutter By

Gregory Godhard // AUS // 2014 // 3 mins // Sydney Premiere

In these dying days of shooting films on actual film and in the traditions of hand-made cinema, Flutter-by is a homage to the film medium itself.



Hannah Balke // AUS // 2015 // 6 mins

When night falls in the inner Sydney suburbs, the mother of all raping lesbian poltergeists come out to search for her prey.


Smack Down Under

Bryce Mills // AUS // 2015 // 5 mins // World Premiere

University student bryce “the cat” Mills powerbombs himself into the whacky world of professional wrestling. Watch him train and see how he fares when he makes his Australian Wrestling Entertainment debut.


The House of Lee

David Ma // AUS // 2014 // 10 mins

Two thugs walk into a Chinese restaurant. They forget their manners, so instead of sweet and sour pork, the owners serve them a dish they’re certain to remember.


Fully Funded

Alicia Easaw-Mamutil // AUS // 2015 // 7 mins // Sydney Premiere

Jordan and Neil are housemates but things get ugly when Jordan’s crowd-funding campaign to have Neil killed surpasses its funding goal.



Brooke Goldfinch // AUS/USA // 2014 // 9 mins // World Premiere

Kat is always trying to keep up with her best friend Jess. One night when the two girls sneak out to meet up with some boys, Kat realises that – unlike Jess – she’s not in a hurry to grow up.



Stefan Bugryn // AUS // 2014 // 9 mins // Sydney Premiere

Vlad has been pushed over the edge. His obsession has just been ruined, and now he must exact revenge in the worst way possible.


This Is High Society

Benjamin Rushton // AUS // 2015 // 2 mins // World Premiere

Dredge it, mine it, consume it… or not, its up to you? 1968 revisited, when the MC5 unloaded themselves onto the world. Lets shake off apathy, and DO something to CHANGE it!