Wyrmwood: Guerrilla Filmmaking with Tristan and Kiah Roache-Turner

Time Sat 19 Sep, 6:00pm

Price Full $16 / Conc $14

Bookings (02) 9550 3666

Tickets On sale now @ Factory Theatre


The Wyrmwood creators will discuss the conception, production and distribution of their Australian Zombie film. They will address how they secured funding for the production and post-production (including crowd sourcing) without government assistance and eventually securing distribution. They will also share some behind the scenes vids of the Australian premiere.


Kiah Roache-Turner

Kiah Roache-Turner first started making movies with his brothers when he was 13 years old on a tiny ‘Hi8’ camera his mother purchased for him for his birthday. Throughout much of his teenage years he was cutting class and watching up to 6 films a day in order to ‘self-educate’ for the only job he ever wanted: film director. He completed a 3 year Digital Media Degree at Sydney University (SCA) with a further year for Honours (1st class) during which time he worked as a printer & photographer and exhibited as a practicing artist in both group & solo shows. He worked for six years as head of video content for Australian fashion brand aussieBum where he travelled all over the world creating popular high-end advertising campaigns (often filling all production & post-production duties himself). It was here that he developed his ‘shoot fast’, low-budget, DIY approach to filmmaking that he still employs to this day. In 2010 he formed the company ‘Guerilla Films’ with his producer brother ‘Tristan’ and together they would make a series of award winning shorts & music videos as well as corporate TVC’s and begin their writing career together. They have just recently completed their first feature film – a micro-budget, post-apocalyptic zombie film called ‘Wyrmwood’. This film was made over a period of years on weekends much in the same stye as Evil Dead (1981), Bad Taste (1987) or Gabriel (2007). It is self financed by independent backers and through crowd funding sources like Indiegogo & is a genre-mash of Mad Max & Dawn of the Dead (two of their favourite childhood flicks). Wyrmwood was released globally to very good reviews and had the dubious honour of being one of the most pirated films of 2015.

Tristan Roache-Turner

Tristan Roache-Turner is the writer/producer/production designer of the highly successful, cult classic genre film Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, which was theatrically released on 77 screens across Australia ranking at number six in the Australian box office on the first night of it’s release. Tristan is the driving force (and the clever hands) behind the look and feel of WYRMWOOD’s physical props, from the battle armour and small arms to the gargantuan Zombie Truck. While much of his youth was spent making short films and music videos with his brother Kiah, Tristan also worked in some diverse industries. He credits his early career as a construction labourer and then electrical fitter with giving him the necessary hand skills for making props, as well as enabling him to develop a keen insight for just how possible it is to create anything if you make it yourself. His years in bar management are another key ingredient that contributed greatly to his ability to put people at ease while getting work out of them. Finally, he also has extensive experience as a construction project manager.