SUFF17 - Love/Sick

Kinky is to use the feather, perverted is to use the whole chicken.

Time Fri 16 Sep, 6pm

Price Full $16 / Conc $14

Bookings (02) 9550 3666

Tickets On sale now @ Factory Theatre



Dry Days

Dir. Will Welles | Drama | 12mins | USA | 2016 | Australian Premiere

Alex’s upscale co-workers all think she’s going on a pleasant vacation. Instead, she descends into New York in search of the vile.


Nocturnally Yours

Dir. David Ferino | Comedy | 11mins | USA | 2017 | Australian Premiere

A man dies on the night of his engagement and returns as a ghost, only to discover that wooing his estranged lover will require the help of a dating app.



Dir. Arthur Vernon | Comedy | 14mins | France | 2016 | Australian Premiere

A team of scientists are paralysed by a virus. One of them drinks the only remaining antidote, and drives full speed to make more before his colleagues die. On his way, he bumps into a woman with whom he starts making love passionately.


My Shepherd

Dir. Lucy McKendrick | Drama | 11mins | Aus | 2017 | Australian Premiere

A young couple leave their religious community to seek out a procedure.


Ghosting the Party

Dir. Carlos Alberto Fernandez Lopez | Comedy | 8mins | USA | 2017 | Australian Premiere

A gang of gal pals conjure up a frenzy at a Halloween party after a drug-fueled dare exposes the true nature of a mysterious guest.


Nou Nen Feat .Utae

Dir. Sawako Kabuki | Animation | 3mins | Japan | 2017 | Australian Premiere

A kaleidoscopic reverie of sexual encounters fluidly morphing to the jubilant beats of Japanese pop music. Delightfully animated by the cult animator behind such boundary-pushing works as Anal Juice and Summer’s Puke Is Winter’s Delight.


Rubber Heart

Dir. Lizzy Sanford | Drama | 8mins | USA | 2016 | Australian Premiere

After a painful dry spell, a woman attempts to have a one-night stand.


Undress Me

Dir. Amelia Moses | Horror | 13mins | Canada | 2016 | Australian Premiere

A socially awkward college freshman begins to experience a mysterious and gruesome physical deterioration after a chance encounter at a frat party.