SUFF17 - Ozploit!

An outrageously diverse session of short films by Aussie filmmakers!

Time Sat 16 Sep, 12pm

Price Full $16 / Conc $14

Bookings (02) 9550 3666

Tickets On sale now @ Factory Theatre




Dir. Nathan Lacey | Horror | 10mins | Aus | 2017 | Sydney Premiere 

Home invasion on holiday. Caravan is a cautionary tale which follows a young family on a road-trip. As night falls the family pull in for a routine rest-stop where their caravan is invaded by a malevolent intruder.



Dir. Paul Nelson | Thriller | 8mins | Aus | 2016 | Sydney Premiere 

When a woman invites her date up to her apartment, she surprises him by performing an impromptu striptease. But is this a seduction… or an evaluation? And will he fail horribly? A cautionary fable about uneasy sexual politics and the wreckage of modern gender relations, CIGARETTE is a bracing, confronting and wickedly entertaining collision between female pain and male privilege.


Hell of a Day

Dir. Evan Hughes | Horror | 12mins | Aus | 2016 | Sydney Premiere 

A lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic world finds herself trapped in a basement below a zombie infested Inn after seeking first aid. But her greatest challenge is not the terror of the stalking corpses, but the day by day battle of solitude she must endure to stay alive.


I Killed Paul Allen with an Axe to the Face

Dir. Lauren Barrett & Chris David | Thriller | 5mins | Aus | 2016 | Australian Premiere  

I Killed Paul Allen with an Axe to the Face explores the interconnectedness of film and television throughout time and space. Through the use of clips from pre-existing films and television series, the film constructs an intense story about a murderer and a telephone conversation that unfolds after.



Dir. Tel Benjamin | Comedy | 7mins | Aus | 2017 | Australian Premiere 

Maya and Cassie are going to rob Wayne Mason’s house. It should be one of the easiest scores the duo have made. That is, until they begin to reevaluate how their rebellious actions in the present will affect their future.


Liz Drives

Dir. Mia’kate Russell | Thriller | 8mins | Aus | 2017 | Australian Premiere

For estranged sisters Liz and Ellie being a family has never been easy – but there are some horrors you create yourself.



Dir. Blake Ternacz | Music | 10mins | Aus | 2017 | Australian Premiere 

Lotus is a short film that follows the evolution of a young, aspiring actress who succumbs to the pressures of the film industry to fulfill her desires of becoming a star. She is forced to face the ideals of perfectionism, fear and self-loathing.


Safety First

Dir. Kyle McComb | Comedy | 5mins | Aus | 2017 | Australian Premiere  

A car thief gets much more than he bargains for when he discovers the car is sentient.


Smile Baby, Smile

Dir. Guillermo Pena Sanchez | Romance | 5mins | Aus | 2016   

A freshman photographer, James, sexually assaults a model called Johanna under the influence of Mr. Anderson, the owner of a rather alternative business. 


Sydney I Love You

Dir. Yiani Andrikidis | Comedy | 4mins | Aus | 2016 | Australian Premiere 

A short film about two sock puppets falling in love in the harbour city.



Dir. Vonne Patiag | Drama | 9mins | Aus | 2016 | Sydney Premiere 

A young dormant man in suburbia develops a fascination with his neighbour that reignites a long forgotten desire.