SUFF17 - WTF! Shorts

Shorts so mindmeltingly weird, you’ll be left asking…

Time Sun 17 Sep, 3pm

Price Full $16 / Conc $14

Bookings (02) 9550 3666

Tickets On sale now @ Factory Theatre



A Cartoon About Apples

Dir. Nathan Armstrong | Animation | 7mins | Australia | 2017 | Australian Premiere

A short animation where you see through the eyes of a disturbed man obsessed with apples.



Dir. Kati Skelton | Comedy | 8mins | USA | 2016 | Australian Premiere 

A young man pursues an exciting business opportunity.



Dir. Michael Marrero, Jon Rhoads | Comedy | 9mins | USA | 2016 | Australian Premiere 

Jane is just a girl trying to get some loving from her girlfriend Melanie who refuses to have sex until Jane’s awful haircut is fixed. While Jane is in the process of having her head shaved, the apocalypse happens and her barber is reduced to a pile of ash leaving Jane’s hair in even worse condition.


Cop Dog

Dir. Bill Plympton | Animation | 6mins | USA | 2017 | Australian Premiere  

The sixth installment in Bill Plympton’s Oscar nominated “Guard Dog” series, in which our plucky hero has a new occupation – patrolling our airports sniffing for illegal substances, and you know that’s not going to end well.



Dir. Yann Gonzalez | Fantasy | 23mins | France | 2017 | Australian Premiere 

With the soberly lyrical and infinitely gracious Les Îles (Islands), Yann Gonzalez gives his personal version of La Ronde by Max Ophüls. The endless circularity in the mechanisms of desire are conveyed in joyful sequencing from the actors to the spectators.



Dir. Humberto Busto | Fantasy | 18mins | Mexico | 2017 | Australian Premiere 

Against gender violence and inglorious Mexican politicians, here comes JULKITA and her monthly period… If only she could find the bravery to destroy her household enemy.


Mister Popular

Dir. McLean Mills | Comedy | 5mins | USA | 2017 | Australian Premiere 

In this horrific short, Sid, the classic idea of the popular jock, is put-off by the attention he receives from Ben, an outcast obsessed with Sid’s status as Mister Popular. When Sid takes drastic measures, his own shot at being Mister Popular makes for a twisted finish.


You Don’t Know Their Journey

Dir. Rob Sheens | Drama | 6mins | Aus | 2016 | Australian Premiere 

In an unforgiving town where dreams and people are broken three girls strike back, but who are they really fighting?