Dir. Sion Sono / Japan / Horror / 2017 / 144mins / Australian Premiere

Time: Fri 14 Sep, 10.30pm

Price: $16

Bookings: (02) 9550 3666


SUFF is honoured to present the theatrical cut of Sion Sono’s nine-part mini-series Tokyo Vampire Hotel, a film that oozes with colour, delirious spectacle, and tons of blood and gore. Festival regular Sono needs no introduction, having helmed past favourites The Virgin Psychics, Why Don’t You Play in Hell? and Guilty Romance. Here, he tackles an eternal vampire blood feud in 2021, as the Dracula family and fellow vamp clan the Corvins prepare for cataclysmic battle. The result is a confetti cannon full of blood squibs coming right at your face, in typical Sono fashion. With vampire flicks proving so passé of late, Tokyo Vampire Hotel is a refreshing blast, rising out of the ashes to prove that the genre still has life — and offering a nonstop rush of bloodsucking mayhem in the process.

“Tokyo Vampire Hotel is more than your usual stab at Japanese extreme cinema; it’s a visual feast for all you cinephiles and is a non-stop slashfest featuring gorgeous gals, guns, gangs, blood-soaked orgies, charismatic killers and a score to die for.” – Nevermore Horror

“There is so much fun to be had with Tokyo Vampire Hotel that I couldn’t help but like it. If you enjoy the bloody goodness that Asian cinema has to offer, “Tokyo Vampire Hotel” will fit the bill perfectly.” – Shawn Hoelscher, You, Me and Movies

“If Wes Anderson and Park Chan-wook went to Japan and got high on acid, the result would look something like Toyko Vampire Hotel.” – Andrea Thompson, Culture Adventures