It’s been a big year for Sydney Underground Streaming Sessions. Launched in August, SUSS has seen some of Sydney’s best talent perform at it’s Marrickville Studio including The Zoology, The Loud Hailers, Scruffamudda, Wawawow, Svntax Error, Reza Feza, White Knuckle Fever, CloudBird, Liz Martin, Bernie Hayes, Dog Trumpet, Smitty & B.Goode, Rubber Necker, On the Stoop, Tom Schutzinger, Elsen Price, Danny Heifetz, Ben Fink, Louis Burdett, Keyna Wilkins, Trevor Brown, Six Quick Chicks, Blak Douglas, Los Monaros, The OzSkas, Dobby, Mohsen Soltani, Dingo Gringo, Gondwana, Forest Hall and Dress Theque.To say farewell to 2020 and as their Valentines gift to you, SUSS, now at the Factory Floor, will bepresenting a mega night of music and mayhem, the wilidest night yet with Terrificus, TheOuter Space Cowboys and the Loud Hailers.

The night will also be hosted by the illustrious Benito Di Fonzo and the effervescent Christa Hughes. The party of the year and you’re invited