Moosehead Award Recipient 2024

Green Room Award Best Performer 2023

Golden Gibbo Winner 2022 

Green Room Award Best Production 2022 

Best Work (Emerging Artist) Melb Fringe Festival 2021

Welcome to the camp, chaotic and absurd world of Alex Hines.

The middle child from a broken home, she was always destined for greatness. Unfortunately, she never quite got there, but she is Putting On A Show.

An unhinged theatrical extravaganza combining standup, sketch and insanity.

Directed by Sarah Stafford

“Utterly transfixing” ★★★★½ - The Age

“Delightfully unhinged” ★★★★ - Beat Magazine

“Car crashingly compelling” ★★★★½-The Daily Review

“ A psychedelic nostalgic trip” ★★★★ - Timeout

“Flawless, and by flawless I mean a trash fire” ★★★★★ - Theatre People

“Hines gyrates like a pole dancer in a strip club” -Stage Whispers

“I’ve become a parody of myself”  - Alex Hines