Are you an anxious person? Or does everyone else seem to be? Is it all getting to be just a bit too much these days? Alex Jae thinks it is and she’s got jokes about it in her brand new Sydney International Comedy Festival show No Sorry, You Go. 

With her practical and hilarious solutions on family, dating, health kicks, meditation control issues; Alex will show you how much fun living with anxiety can really be! Whether you’re dealing with your own stuff or just everybody else’s, this show will soothe and delight you with laughter AND the opportunity to sit inside for an hour and not have to small-talk to people.  

After climbing the Sydney comedy ranks, Alex has worked as a writer and featured cast member on Channel Ten’s Pilot Week & Saturday Night Rove, as a writer on Channel Ten’s Show Me The Movie! and as a panelist on Channel 10’s Celebrity Name Game, and has opened for comedians such as Wil Anderson, Greg Behrendt, Gareth Reynolds and Dave Anthony (The Dollop Podcast) and plays Dani in award winning series Thirty. 

Here’s some nice things people have said about her: 

“Thoroughly engaging and entertaining… Really clever, tight, well scripted, funny and beautifully timed…a class act” - Weekend Notes 

“Genuinely makes me laugh. Not many do.” - Dave Anthony (The Dollop) 

“One of my favourite new comedians on the scene. A future star for sure” - Rove McManus 

“Real funny. Real cool. Go see her, you losers.”  - Luke Heggie