“What’s mine is yours” extends to stage time for rising stars on the Sydney comedy scene Mike Crowley, and Annabelle James.  

Don't miss this hilarious hour of comedy from Sydney’s cutest comedy couple. This will be the most sexually charged split bill you'll see all season. Will they or won't they? (They probably won’t, they are just friends).  

Annabelle James was raised in Canberra but will never admit it, and is now a rising star of Sydney’s comedy scene. After learning quickly that you can’t just go on stage and do a Carl Barron bit, Annabelle has found her own voice in comedy and tells stories about being a uni student of divorce, dating, and lying about being related to Mark Ferguson.  

Annabelle was the first female winner in history of the “Yo Mama Battle” at the Sydney Comedy Festival, and a finalist in the 2021 Kelly’s on King open mic competition where she met Mike. 

Mike Crowley is many things - an improviser, a stand-up comedian, queer and from Brisbane (woah). One thing he is not is someone who understands how daylight savings works. Or someone who knows whether toasties taste better when cut into triangles. In short, he’s an all round silly-billy that’s giving it a red hot go.  

Mike has performed at many of Sydney’s comedy venues and was a finalist in the 2021 Kelly’s on Kings open mic competition. He is also a member of the Improv Theatre Sydney house team Led’s Mum, Lynn Zeppelin.