BKI are back with their signature fast paced sketch silliness but this time, they're hot.

After touring Australia with our last show (name too long) we've taken an 18-month break from performing to hit the gym, up our skincare game and botox our asses to bring you the sexiest* comedy group you've ever seen.

Get ready for:

- Tightly choreographed musical numbers

- Intricate throughlines and callbacks

- Pausing for laughter

- Sketches with multiple endings

- Detective Jacob

- And many more


Nice things people have said about us:

"...equal parts silly and dark...kept the audience in hysterics." - Squirrel Comedy

"clever, full of genuine talent and downright funny" - All Over Adelaide

"… their jokes managed to subvert the expectations of the audience almost every time" - Theatre Travels



"… a diverse and masterfully crafted show that kept the audience guessing as to what would come next, but knew it would be funny. It’s hard to explain all the reasons why BKI were so funny and a joy to watch. The show as a whole was so utterly DIY yet sometimes intellectually surreal that it seemed almost avant-garde." - Honi Soit

"This foursome were mighty impressive, selling the material to the back of the room, working seamlessly together and demonstrating deft comic timing." - Squirrel

"They operated as a lovely team, demonstrating their friendship and skill in each interaction...able to mock each other in a completely endearing and genuinely friendly way; a feeling which can easily be lost in comedy. " - Theatre Travels

"I died and was reborn and then really, really died. Of laughter, but like, also amazement." - Belinda Anderson-Hunt