Ticket Pricing

  • Wednesday - $12.00
  • Friday - $17.00

Dane is a much-in-demand comedian based in Wagga Wagga - you’ve probably spotted him on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala for Oxfam, Channel 10s Have You Been Paying Attention, ABC's The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, the Opening Night Allstars Supershow or in Aussie feature film The Merger. Host of the 2021 Melbourne Internatinal Comedy Festivals competitions for RAW Comedy and Deadly Funny. A proud Gamilaraay man, Dane’s hilarious family are a popular fixture of his gut-bustingly funny standup comedy stories. With a swag of sold-out shows in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney as part of Aborigi-LOL, Dane is as excited as a puppy in a room full of tennis balls to be performing his new solo show Didgeridoozy.