It’s sketch comedy! It’s one night only! It’s also on every other night listed above!
David Collins (the Umbilical Brothers) fronts an hour full of visual trickery, physical dexterity, conceptual cunning, overpriced technology and jokes that range from cheap to mid-budget.
In June we had to write a paragraph describing this show.
We had no show back then.
So we decided to just promise stuff in the paragraph and hope for the best.
We promise you’ll see-
-An eagle full of batteries
-Karaoke BDSM
-World’s noisiest chip packet
-Death of a Salesman
-Baby Shark - where is it now?
-Zoom kidnapping
-Colonel Sanders' war diary
-Why does God insist I start a sex cult?
-Eating with masks on
-Flat-Earth NASA
-Punch me ‘til I succeed
-We are clowns and also burglars
-Ouija-board keyboard
-Bloorsday. The forbidden day.

Come to our show! See how good we are at keeping our promises! 

Spoiler: We’re not great at keeping our promises.