Beloved 90’s electro-rockers, Def FX, have reformed for a rockin’ good cause, Rockin’ for the Homeless supporting the community work of The Breakfast Club – a program that provides heartfelt practical support for neglected and struggling people in the Redcliffe Peninsula region of Queensland.

Def FX have reformed in 2011, 2012 and 2019 for kick arse national tours. 2019 was supposed to be the ultimate farewell tour with singer and forever wild woman, Fiona Horne living permanently in the Caribbean working as a commercial pilot and programmer/vocalist Ant Banister and bassplayer, Sian Williams enjoying solid recording and touring success with their Post Punk band, ‘Sounds Like Winter’. Guitarist, Jamie Pajuczok enjoys a busy solo career.

But that tour name changed to the ‘Never Say Never Tour’ as the extraordinary changes of 2020 saw Fiona relocate back to Australia after the global collapse of the aviation industry.

‘Def FX are excited to reform for R4TH and to join amazing musos, The Hoodoo Gurus, The SuperJesus, and Team Utopia rockin’ out to raise money and provide support and awareness for people in need. It’s going to be epic!’ says singer, Fiona Horne.

Fiona has new music projects on the boil with her partner, Dave Hopkins (guitarist and founder of 80’s legend surf band, The Hellmenn). Their duo ‘Spiff & Fifi’ is breaking into the charts now with their debut single, ‘Stumblin’ In’ and their heavy rock band, ‘Seawitch’ has their debut vinyl EP dropping on June 26th.

But its no problem to make the time to reform Def FX for a great cause. The band promises to play the best of their 90’s set in full sonic thrash glory! Expect to hear favorite hits, ‘Surfers of the Mind’, ‘Psychoactive Summer’ and ‘Masses like Asses.’



Original date: Friday 16th July 2021

New date: Friday 4th March 2022