Sydney Underground Streaming Sessions is proud to present a night of, mayhem, madness and magic with two of Sydney’s most exciting musical acts - Rufino & the Coconuts and Mic Conway & Robbie Long. A double bill set to tear the roof of the SUSS studio and propel it into the cabaret stratosphere.

Rufino and the Coconuts have brought their show-stopping performances to eager audiences since 2013. Rufino and his band of castaways, troubled geniuses and misfits combine classic surf music inspiration with bone-rattling jungle disco and 80's post-punk flair. The Coconuts recall Serge Gainsbourg's tropical recordings, Grace Jones' theatrical Caribbean groove and the primal stomp of The Birthday Party. It's the type of cultural melting pot beloved by cannibals as a morning soup!

aIn a circus of comedy, music and magic, Mic Conway and Robbie Long present an hilarious array of idiosyncratic songs that will make your jaw drop, toes tap and sides split. Audiences who know Mic from his days with “Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band” and Circus Oz will be delighted by this incarnation: Mic as storyteller of tall tales and true. There’s magic, juggling, cavorting and that trademark tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Stripped back, irreverent, and shameless… it’s surreal vaudeville for crooning and swooning. Unforgettable!