Enclave are proud to finally announce the release of their long awaited debut EP 'World in progress'. Following up from the release of the first two singles from the EP - Pale Guilt and Bloodletting, the rest of the body of work will feature familiar tracks the collective have bled out across stages in Sydney, Melbourne and Wollongong for the past year and a half.
W.I.P tackles themes that range from both personal and political, all deeply heartfelt - channelling thoughts and feelings from loss, growth, vulnerability & community.
'World in progress' might sound like tongue and cheek - but it is wholeheartedly sincere.
Supports from family
Major Arcana - https://open.spotify.com/track/0aSl2D9Y9qnIIjfsHR8xoX?si=c372f4e3f91b4db8
Finnoguns Wake - https://finnogunswake.bandcamp.com/releases
Michael Cera -https://open.spotify.com/track/40fHSnwN3xlsc5H9ADAeek?si=a192a5c7df95471f
Muscle Mary - music coming soon
‘World in progress’ out June 1st.