-Chanel 9, ABC NEWS, NT News (for catching a lady escape from quarantine)  

-FRINGE WORLD comedy award nominee 2017 

-Neel Kolhatkar's TIK TOK improv games totalling over 10 million views. 

-UK Tour support for Larry Dean 

Hey guys, my name is Evan and I’ve stayed in your Country for the past year to avoid the world falling apart.  What started as a 2 month trip is now going on 17 months.  I wouldn’t change an absolute thing! I should be going back to the UK where I’ve been living for the past 3 years, but also, have you seen the news!? Come find out what adventures a nomad comedian gets up to in a year.  This show is about my year as well as talking to you guys about what you’ve been up to. 

“…one of the funniest, quick-witted and confident comedians…”-theadelaidian 

"His natural command of the stage magnetized your full attention."-Yewth 

“loud and in your face…”-broadway baby 

“a seemingly preternatural ability to engage” -festmag 

★★★★ -tulpa magazine 


★★★★-great scott