Ticket Pricing

  • Wednesday - $12.00
  • Friday - $17.00

Jake Howie is a reformed Scientologist looking for answers in other places. Sarah Gaul is a reformed musical theatre performer also looking for answers in other places. Will they find the answers in the same place, or different places? At your place? Will they leave it on a cliff hanger and set it up for a straight-to-VHS sequel? Will they finally sing a duet together?? Will they do a choreographed routine??? 

Come see the roughest split bill in town from two of Sydney’s best comedians. This is a rough trial draft of new material they’re working on, but it’s also the INTERNATIONAL DEBUT of a brand-new show. Will it be rough cuts that end up on the cutting room floor, or will it be diamonds in the rough that sparkle? Come decide for yourself. Either way, there will be answers, there will be jokes, and there will be song! Join us for Sarah & Jake Present: Rough